Educate, Preserve,

As we grow, we’re identifying suitable land to preserve, creating spaces for environmental education programs, and spreading the idea of an international, backyard-wildlife sanctuary movement.


To Build An Unstoppable Movement Dedicated To Preserving Our Earth

The Earth Caretaker Way is a community of people around the world who are dedicated to preserving the health of our planet through preservation and education.


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Educating the public on The Earth Caretaker Way and creating learning spaces and environments to bring kids and adults back to nature. Providing knowledge on how our every day actions brings us closer to saving our planet.


Using donations to purchase land to save and tend for wildlife, for people and for the land itself. Creating a refuge where anyone can visit, and learn, and practice becoming an Earth Caretaker.


Building a global community of Earth Caretakers. Bringing people together and creating a space where people can share stories and insights about Earth caretaking projects. A place where a community can gather to educate others and fight to keep our Earth healthy and our communities thriving.

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Everyone Can Be Earth Caretakers.

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Get Out Into Nature

No action or effort is too small, whether it’s picking up trash where it doesn’t belong, volunteering at rescue or restoration organizations, or creating a wildlife sanctuary at your home or in your community, you are being an Earth Caretaker.

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This book explores many Earth Caretaking lessons through storytelling and suggested activities. It is a wonderful resource of Earth Caretaking inspiration, and education on how you can be involved in this vital movement.

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Make A Donation

Whether you are able to donate $5, $500 or $5,000, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your tax-deductible contribution is making a direct impact in the healing of our planet.

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