One Earth.
One Life.
One Chance.

The Earth Caretaker Way is a community of people around the world who are dedicated to preserving the health of our planet through preservation and education.


Everyone Can be Earth Caretakers.

The Earth Caretaker Way is a network of groups and individuals around the world who are dedicated to preserving the health of our planet.

As we are grow, we're identifying suitable land to preserve, and to create spaces for environmental education.

Preservation Programs

We use donations to save wildlife and purchase land where anyone can visit, learn, and practice becoming an Earth Caretaker.

Insightful Stories

We're creating a  platform where people can share stories and insights about Earth caretaking projects.

Educational Retreats

We create learning spaces to bring kids and adults back to nature, and educate people on how to be Earth caretakers in their everyday lives

Close Community

We're building a global community of Earth Caretakers that can gather to educate others and fight to keep our Earth healthy and our communities thriving.

The cover of The Earth Caretaker Way book.

The Earth Caretaker Way

By Tim Corcoran & Julie Boettler

The Earth Caretaker Way educates people on what it is to be an Earth Caretaker in our everyday lives. Through stories, nature awareness, wilderness skills, and Earth philosophy it helps to inspire people to start Earth Caretaker groups, and to get involved with a community of people dedicated to keeping our Earth healthy.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the book will go to The Earth Caretaker non-profit in support of the education and preservation of our land and waters, and all who live here.


I loved the book so much. It moved me. The Earth Caretaker Way is much more than a collection of magical stories. It's full of wisdom and compassion. Advice that comes from the mind and heart of Tim Corcoran. The words seem to unfold decades of a life connected to nature. A love affair between man and planet. Perhaps a millennia of a deep meaningful relationship between human kind and our beautiful planet. With so many hectic and cynical thinsin our fast life, this book is a compass. A simple and honest light that I enjoyed reading, and Im sure everyone would.

Amit D.
Wildlife Expert at UCLA

This book is a potent and meaningful roadmap to rebuilding a personal relationship and sense of belonging with the Earth. The Earth Caretaker Way creates a strong foundation for why we need to be taking better care, and stepping up and being a part of the change that our world needs to see

Zander Balthasar
Wildlife Expert at UCLA

This book is a game changer! I work as an outdoor educator and am always eager to learn from other peoples point of view. The authors of this book have laid out all writings in a really easy to understand manner with beautiful wordings and teachings. I recommend this book to every human living on this planet. Any page you flip to, you will learn something. You won't regret the read!

TJ Putnam
Wildlife Expert at UCLA
Our Community

No Action Or Effort Is Too Small.

Whether it’s picking up trash where it doesn’t belong, volunteering at rescue or restoration organizations, or donating financially towards established environmental causes, you are being an Earth Caretaker.