Nature Awareness - The Earth Caretaker Way 2 - Algonquin Defining Moments

May 13, 2024
Enjoy the second in a series of beautifully produced podcasts with Gaye Clemson of the Algonquin Defining Moments Podcast.

This episode is the second of what is now seven episodes on the Earth Caretaker Way a newly released book by friends Tim Corcoran and Julie Boettler from Headwaters School in Mt. Shasta California. In this episode I’m going to introduce you to Julie, one of the key land Earth Caretakers at Headwaters. Over the next six episodes, she and I with Tim’s help are going to delve deeper into the four key elements of the Earth Caretaker Way beginning with Nature Awareness, which is the art of building a personal relationship with nature by awakening your senses and rewilding your heart.